The Dam

In Amsterdam there is a spot called The Dam. It is not a dam, it is a statue in a square behind the Palace. The square is teeming with pigeons and tourists feeding… Continue reading

Vermeer! You Old Goat!!

Walking through New Church in Delft, Netherlands we were on the lookout for Vermeer’s grave. Our casual haphazard wandering soon turned into a desperate search. We would consult the indecipherable map, interpret what… Continue reading

I Can Explain…

There is a reason why I don’t drive on our vacations. In the past it was that I did not have my full license. When we went to New Mexico in Oct. 2013,… Continue reading

So Is That Ketchup Real?

One of the downsides to travel is that there are some places with restricted access, you are only allowed in with a tour group (at least if you want to see more than… Continue reading

Bear Hug Anyone?

On most of our nature-oriented trips we barely see any wildlife. Maybe this is because we take well-traversed hiking trails that are easily accessible or maybe we just have shit luck. At most… Continue reading

Dorky Tourist

Sometimes you have to let your inner tourist out, say by posing alongside the Fonz statue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, giggling all the while. The mere fact that we even went to look at… Continue reading


What happens when Ben & Jerry’s releases an ice cream flavour that for one reason or another (atrocious taste or picky customers) flops? It goes to the graveyard out back behind the factory… Continue reading

Ft. Lauderdale Beach

The sun was shining, the air was warm- ok fine, it was really hot. The palm trees were swaying in the breeze, a pristine blue ocean awaited us just past the gorgeous white… Continue reading

It’s Kind of Like Seeing the Real Thing

What they don’t tell you about New York is just how far away the Statue of Liberty actually is from the mainland. I walked down to Battery Park expecting to look out over… Continue reading

Twain Tailgate

At Mark Twain’s house/museum in Connecticut we learned a valuable lesson in vacation planning: when going on a tour buy tickets in advance, or at the very least look up the tour times.… Continue reading

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