24/7 Party Town?

Everyone says that Las Vegas is a party town. In my mind it seemed they were saying it was the city that never sleeps. I can tell you firsthand that at 6am, the place is a ghost town. Where there were drunken revelers in mardi gras beads sucking daiquiris out of plastic boots, there are empty promenades in the morning. You would think the place would be trashed after all those drunken crowds meandering all night, it was surprisingly clean. It was quite a sight to see how empty it was, like a town the morning after a zombie outbreak minus the destruction. It was just me and the pigeons wandering aimlessly.

Why was I up at the crack of dawn? It was a combination of being in a different time zone and having gone to bed at 8pm due to a migraine. You don’t want a migraine while in Las Vegas.