Inside Looking Up

Driving home from Asheville, NC my friend Mollie decided to give me a quick history lesson on our way. We stopped at the Cumberland Gap in Tennessee, a passageway through the Appalachians. The place was a ghost town. All these old colonial buildings, a really old post office and not a soul to be seen. No one was exploring this cool place! Except for us that is. And explore it we did. There was an old smelting furnace that I decided to climb into (the bottom was open, like an oven door). All that was missing was a raccoon hat a-la Daniel Boone. Alas, Cumberland Gap is moreso a historic place to visit than a touristy one, so there were no stalls of tacky crap such as raccoon hats being sold. Maybe that is a good thing now that I think about it, more room for me in the iron smelting furnace.