Worth The Climb

Two years ago I did not go about the cheater’s way to get to the summit. Nope, we donned our running shoes (this time it was me and Brent, as it has been on every trip since NC) and climbed to the summit. Well I say summit, but really I just mean the top. It was not as far as Cold Mountain, this was after all Connecticut. It took us just under two hours to reach the top, after many many false “yay! We’re at the top!” moments. It was nice to just sit at the top and look out at all the greenery in the valley below (this trip was in July, so it was all green and not dead like it was in February in North Carolina). The climb was not that challenging, along the way we saw whole families with their dogs, it seemed like we went for a walk in the park at some points. Alas on the way down it caught up to me, my calves kept seizing up. And we had not packed nearly enough food. When we got back to the car it was a mad dash to the GPS to point us towards a restaurant. Given that we were in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near Salisbury (which did not help the hunger) there was nothing. We drove and drove and ended up at the hotel without seeing a single eating establishment! Applebee’s never tasted so good.