It’s Kind of Like Seeing the Real Thing

Sept. 9, 2012- NYC upper (22)

What they don’t tell you about New York is just how far away the Statue of Liberty actually is from the mainland. I walked down to Battery Park expecting to look out over the water and see her in all her majesty, arm up high. What I actually saw was a tiny little speck off on the horizon. To add insult to injury: there was construction scaffolding up. Not exactly the view I had been hoping for. I was also not about to pay $20 to go look at the scaffolding up close. Thankfully I stumbled upon this bronze model of the statue in one of NYC’s many galleries, so it’s kind of sort of almost like seeing it? Right?

Thankfully New York City is one of those places that you cannot cram all the activities into one trip, it warrants a few trips, at least.