Ft. Lauderdale Beach


The sun was shining, the air was warm- ok fine, it was really hot. The palm trees were swaying in the breeze, a pristine blue ocean awaited us just past the gorgeous white sandy beach. We set up our chairs, towels and umbrellas. After applying sunscreen and patiently waiting for it to sink in, hiding out in what little shade we had- it was around the noon hour after all.

We finally embarked and no sooner did my barefoot hit the beach did I yelp in pain. It was freakin’ hot. The sand was literally burning the soles of my feet, it was a mad dash to the ocean. The water was nice and warm,  a nice change from the ice cold water of Georgian Bay we were used to. It was nice until a wave hit me in the face, my sunglasses provided no protection whatsoever from the salt water and I soon found myself with burning eyes. Matters only got worse when I tried to dip my head back to soak my hair (it had a refreshing effect for when I retreated to the beach) and ended up having my sinuses irrigated with seawater. This has to be the worst feeling ever, it went up my nose and down the back of my throat. It was time to retreat to land where only the sun could get me. And it did. I had forgotten to put sunscreen on the tops of my feet, a painful place to get a sunburn if you wear anything buy flip-flops.