Bear Hug Anyone?

Aug. 26, 2012- Shenandoah bear (6)

On most of our nature-oriented trips we barely see any wildlife. Maybe this is because we take well-traversed hiking trails that are easily accessible or maybe we just have shit luck. At most we will see a few birds, a chipmunk, the occasional deer but nothing leaving us awe-struck. You can imagine our surprise when we were walking back to our cabin from the main dining hall in Shenandoah Valley National Park and we saw a bear. It was behind some other cabins, during the middle of the day, a stones throw away from the restaurant, gift shop and main lodge. It paid no attention to us, walked right by and kept on going down to the valley, in search of berries which were in season. That just made it seem so cute and adorable, not exactly the reaction one should be having to a wild bear nearby, even if it is not full-grown.