So Is That Ketchup Real?

Mar. 21, 2013- PCH (11)

One of the downsides to travel is that there are some places with restricted access, you are only allowed in with a tour group (at least if you want to see more than just the grounds), such was the case at Hearst Castle in California. The tour is not what is bad, it is the people on the tour. Every once in a while we get stuck with what seems like the worst group in the world. Case in point, our fellow tourists at Hearst Castle.

Some of the true gems, that they in all seriousness asked our poor (and unbelievably patient) tour guide:

  • Has anyone ever tried to steal anything from the castle, like the rugs?
  • (Looking at a typical dinner table setting, fine china, crystal stemware, silverware): is that old ketchup real?