I Can Explain…

Oct. 5, 2013- NM 66 (213)

There is a reason why I don’t drive on our vacations. In the past it was that I did not have my full license. When we went to New Mexico in Oct. 2013, however, I had no excuse. I had my full license. Heck, I wanted to drive, I offered to drive. And then we learned why I do not drive…

I am way too easily distracted. Nowhere was this more clear than when I asked (begged) to drive along the easier* stretch of Route 66. I drove for about a total of maybe 30 seconds before I saw a giant boulder with a Route 66 logo on it. And right past that on the road there was a Route 66 sign stenciled. I pulled over on the shoulder and ran back. It’s ok, there were no cars, it was fine for me to crouch down in the middle of the road.

And there you have it, the mystery of why I do not drive, solved.


* as in one lane, no cars!