Worth The Climb

Two years ago I did not go about the cheater’s way to get to the summit. Nope, we donned our running shoes (this time it was me and Brent, as it has been… Continue reading

Heck of A Climb

What to do when you want a spectacular view but have never worked out a day in your life*? Why you drive to the top of course! While in North Carolina my friend… Continue reading

Up Top Looking Down

We drove to Kentucky and up into the Appalachians so as to get a better look at the Cumberland Gap… from high up above! And from another state! It was great, from up… Continue reading

Inside Looking Up

Driving home from Asheville, NC my friend Mollie decided to give me a quick history lesson on our way. We stopped at the Cumberland Gap in Tennessee, a passageway through the Appalachians. The… Continue reading

24/7 Party Town?

Everyone says that Las Vegas is a party town. In my mind it seemed they were saying it was the city that never sleeps. I can tell you firsthand that at 6am, the… Continue reading

Delaware Hoarder

  After a long morning at Longwood Gardens we headed over to Delaware to see the Winterthur Museum (incidentally he was somehow related to Longwood, a cousin of some sorts). We thought that… Continue reading

The Green Wall

Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is more than just a garden, it far exceeded our expectations. We arrived there around 9am and thought we would be done before high noon, the majority of the… Continue reading

Sulfur Springs

In upstate New York there is a small town called Saratoga Springs. Why the springs part of the name? Because the town is full of naturally occurring springs. If you are thinking of… Continue reading

Not Helping

The portion of Route 66 that goes through Arizona is adventurous to say the least. The road consists of switchbacks going up and down and over the mountains. My friend’s mom who was… Continue reading


As we drove to Lake Havasu City from the Grand Canyon, Mike’s mom informed us that she had a surprise for us along the way. As we drove along the interstate through the… Continue reading

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